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Different tile body type tile finishes


Tiles are created by baking clay or by combination of it and other materials. However, to what degree and time, the tile is exposed to heat makes an impact on its strength and finish.

Considering tiles by product body type:

Ceramics Tiles:
These tiles are plain clay tiles, manufactured by heating and cooling of natural clay. Clay is molded in shape of tiles and then cooked.  The heat forms the hard structure of clays. Later, the tiles maybe coated with glaze so that they become water resistant.

Vitrified Tiles:
In dictionary terms, ‘Vitreous’ means ‘glass like’; owing to the surface quality of these tiles. These tiles are made by baking them in high temperatures, which in turn gives them greater density as compared to regular ‘ceramics’ tiles. These tiles are known for their capacity to absorb less water and being stain resistant. Vitrified tiles are composed of a mixture containing clay and elements like silica, quartz and feldspar. Due to the presence of such ingredients, the mixture melts on applying a very high temperature and a glass substrate is formed throughout the tile. In addition to these ingredients, a dye is added to before burning, that helps to maintain a constant color throughout.

Porcelain Tiles:
also fall under the category of vitrified, however varying in mixture slightly. Porcelain is a ceramic material made by heating clay-type materials to high temperatures. Greater density of these tiles is accounted by the fact of them being made from refined clay and then heated to higher temperatures, as compared to that of other tiles.  Porcelain tiles are made by dust pressed method which also is a factor for differentiating it from others. Due to added benefits, these tiles cost approximately 10% more than non-porcelain tiles.
However, in field Porcelain tiles are referred as Vitrified tiles itself.

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