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Digital technology in tiles

The term digital technology refers to the tiles design that is printed onto the surface. Today, images that are created from photographs using a computer program are then applied to the tile by use of ink jets, much like modern office printers. With such technology usage, the designs are more exciting and attractive than ever. However, what is exciting is that, not only colors but by these inkjet printers glaze and metallics can also be applied. Inks on the tiles can also be used to create raised and sunken textures. Right now, almost all of this high-tech production is being used in Spanish- and Italian-owned operations, but it’s slowly expanding.

Earlier, the screen printing was the only process followed by most vitrified tiles manufacturer. In screen printing, they had to prepare the frame for the design first, and then each tile was screen printed with the help of this frame. The process has many drawbacks in terms of quality of design and manufacturing speed. With inception of the digital floor tiles design technology, the entire process has replaced with digital printing machine. The manufacturing process remains same except the design process which replaced the screen printing mechanism by digital printer.

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