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Radio Active Ceramics

Ionizing radiation is radiation that carries potential energy to free or rip electrons from atoms. What if someone says that ceramic materials like WCs and tiles are radioactive? If they say so, they are true. Ceramics can be particularly radioactive if some compound of uranium (e.g., uranium oxide, sodium urinate) has been used to impart color (e.g., orange-red, green, yellow, black) to the glaze; while sometimes they are due to the radionuclides in the clay that was used to produce the ceramic.
However, what matters is how radioactive these materials can be? When you quantify the exposure, the numbers seem negligible.

Let’s see.
0.1 µSv – The radiation you received while you eat a single Banana.
3.72 µSv – The average radiation you receive while staying close to a ceramic product for a whole day.
5 µSv – The average radiation you receive every-day from background radiation (like air, food, water, ground and products).
20 µSv – The radiation you receive in dental x-ray.
40 µSv – The radiation you receive by taking a flight from Kolkata to Abu Dhabi.

20,00,000 μSv – If exposed to this amount all at once, it may result in severe radiation poisoning which is fatal.

(µSv: micro Sieverts, a unit to measure health risks of radiation.)
So definitely the numbers are safe enough to allow you to keep using your favorite product.

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