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Thin Porcelain Tiles – New Trends

New technologies bring new design possibilities. Thin Porcelain Tiles, often called TPT is a latest evolution of porcelain for home and commercial properties. These 6mm-thick porcelain panels are lightweight and suitable for a variety of design projects, including new installations and remodeling projects. Available in rich colors and organic textures that mimic the beauty of natural stone, TPT complements a variety of design and architectural styles.

Extra-large and extra-light TPT’s versatility makes them suitable for a wide array of applications, from bathroom walls or backsplashes, to elevators, concealed doors and wardrobes. The thin porcelain tiles have redefined the industry’s understanding of porcelain tiles, opening up new horizons and ensuring endless benefits with the guarantee and quality assurance.

Thin Porcelain slabs are designed for quick installation over existing surfaces, which reduces the waste typically associated with installation.

These surfaces are showing up on floors and walls around the world, including in the U.S. They also have other potential uses. Thin porcelain manufacturers are approaching cabinetry manufacturers to create highly durable veneers for their designs. These TPT veneers can become low maintenance cladding for kitchen and bath cabinets, standing up to hard use. These will likely show up in European lines first, as most of the thin porcelains are made in Spain or Italy.

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